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If you own a Thuraya SO-2510 or a Thuraya SG-2520 ... and need some support... look no further!

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Frequently Asked Questions
(Satellite and GSM Dual Mode Handset)

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My phone will not charge!  I think the battery has failed!!!

Thuraya phones always draw battery power in order to maintain the clock settings in the phone.  When the phone is drawn completely flat over a period of 4-6 weeks or so (depending on the individual battery), it will appear to be a failed battery.  When you plug it in, it will not charge, and no lights come on when you try to charge it.

I personally call this a 'Phantom Failure'.  This happens if you have left the battery in the phone for an extended period, and it has gone absolutely, completely flat!

If you are lucky enough to have a phantom failure, you can easily fix this by:

1.  Plugging the phone into the charger - even if it appears that nothing happens.

2.  Leave UNDISTURBED for 5 minutes (no less, but more won't hurt).  This will charge the internal diodes etc, and will allow the phone to now accept the charge.

3. Unplug the phone from the charger momentarily.  PLUG IT STRAIGHT BACK IN.

4.  Now, the keypad should light up blue, and it should start charging normally.


IF THIS DOES NOT WORK, you may actually have had a battery failure, and you will need a new battery.


How do I prevent a 'phantom failure' from happening again?

If you are not using your phone for any longer than 3 weeks, I would recommend you store your phone and your battery separately.  It means you will lose the time zone and clock settings on your phone, but you will not have the same issue of it looking like the phone battery is dead.

I also recommend a monthly battery cycle for Thuraya phones ... the batteries for the SO-2510 and the SG-2520 are not as ... robust as some other brands and models, and need a little more TLC. 

To do a battery cycle, put the battery in the phone, leave the phone on until it goes flat.  Then charge the battery up completely (about 12 hours).  Now, remove the battery and store if you are not using it for extended periods (longer than 3-4 weeks.



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